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Suitable for Direct-melt spinning or Virgin Chips or bottle chips spinning to produce PET-FDY yarn.

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PET/PA6/Composed POY High Speed Spinning Machine

Application A
This machine is mainly used for spinning 30-330dtex polyester POY.
Adopts LTM type pin screw, domestic-made continuous melt CPF, thus extend the service life of spin packs.
Both top-mounted and bottom-mounted high-pressure rectangular and cup-shaped spin packs are available.
Unique planetary spinning pump and separately driving finish oil pump.
Evo and cross quench system with equably and stable flowing speed.
Individually controlled, imported inverter and components.
New adjustment GR, imported inverter and components.

Application B
This machine is mainly used for chips spinning of PA6 and PA66.

Main features
Adopt new type of bi-metal, barrel and special manifold design.
Energy saving spin beam, equipped with bottom mounted, high pressure cylinder spin pack.
Unique planetary spinning pump and separately driving finish oil pump. With well designed air suctivice for monomer.
Uniform front dismountable quenching chamber and unique nozzle type oil adding device.
Equipped with precision winding and high speed automatic winders, high successful of doffing, fineless of yarn shape, and good function of unwinding.

Spinning Machine5

PET Bottle Flakes Spinning Equipment

Spinning Machine6

Suitable for reaction kettle and me lt- bottle flakes spinning for Recycle PET POY.

Technical feature
■ Special designed screw & barrel for Recycle bottle PET (flakes). Double stage CPF with boost pump, to keep melt pressure stable and good performance.
■ Designed spinning beam for Recycle bottle PET, saving energy and high quality.
■ New designed spin pack for Recycle bottle PET. Special for quenching system for Recycle bottle PET, to keep air blowing better, and for the better yarn evenness.

PET/PA6/Composed FDY High Speed Spinning Machine

Suitable for Direct-melt spinning or Virgin Chips or bottle chips spinning to produce PET-FDY yarn.

Main features
■ Uniform and stable quenching chamber system, for the better yarn evenness.
■ Finishing spray system for super microfilament and universal oil wheel feeding system.
■ Imported high precision inverter equiped with high precision RKC with setting, temperature controlling, monitoring and recording functions.
■ Equipped with JW series precision winding and automatic winder produced by Shanghai Jwell Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. high successfully of doffing, fineness of yarn shape, and good function of unwinding.

BCF Carpet Spinning Line

Main Feature
■ Using PA6, PET and PP as raw materials, the machinery adopts one-step process of spinning, drafting and deformations to produce BCF yarn; PP raw materials can be added recycled materials, reduce the cost. And PET raw material can be used in 100% bottle flakes. 
■ Using the combination of spinning, drawing, winding and other modular equipment, can produced monochrome, carpet yarn; Adopting the weight colour mactching system to ensure the unification of the orginal yarn colour. 
■ Using new screw, barrel, special process design, suitable for the production of a variety of polymers. 
■ The specially designed expanded spin pack is used to ensure the uniform distribution of spinning melt and flow smoothly. 
■ A special rotary expanded part is used to improve the stability of BCF yarn. 
■ Specially designed monomer suction system can discharge oligomer and lactam. 
■ A new type of nozzle type changing device, and the optimized cooling drum between the coordination, to ensure excellent curl shaping. 
■ The hot goldets use synchronous motor, high frequency heating, imported temperature control transmitter, to ensure the same temperature of the hot goldet. 
■ With automatic winder system, the yarn tension is constant, with good transfer,yarn shape is excellent.

PP-FDY Spinning Line

PET/PA6 mother /Mono yarn spinning machine
■ Widely used in high intensity civil yarm field, flament number between 20 to 40 d.
■ Process can be choosen by customer, From Mother yarn split to Mono yarn or produce the mono yarn directly.
■ The same winder can be produce 4 ends, 6 ends and 8 ends.

POY/FDY spinning machine
■ We can supply the compact machine, the filament number from 200D- -3000D.
■ This kind of Machine can use the recycling meterial, Economic and environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.
■ The control design in one touch screen, and one button for easy-contrlling.

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